Hi, I am Isabella Mendes: pianist, singer, songwriter. I love to teach!

I believe anyone can learn how to play an instrument or sing a song. With kindness, patience, dedication and fun, we can make learning music enjoyable. Whether you're looking to learn it as a hobby, or just would like musical exposure for your children or if you'd like to pursue music as a career, my lessons are catered to each student's individual needs. 

I am a classically trained pianist with over 15 years of teaching experience. My students range from 5 to 80 years old. It's never too late to learn! All ages and levels welcomed. Skype lessons are available as well.  I also have an MBA and have experience coaching and mentoring students in career development. With that experience, I am able to coach young artists set up their website, market themselves, order business cards, negotiate contracts and more! 

List of Services:  
Piano Lessons
Voice Lessons
Artist Development Coaching

If you're interested in learning more, please send me an email or follow my contact form

Piano Lessons are fun!

we also learn a lot!

teaching kids: workshop

Kids came to my station to learn about music!

Kids came to my station to learn about music!

He was learning very quickly!

He was learning very quickly!


Hi! Please share your testimonials here for piano and/or voice lessons! Your feedback is greatly appreciated!! :) 
Isabella Mendes

"Isabella has been teaching piano to my nine year old son Finn for two years. Finn looks forward to his lesson each week and was thrilled when Isabella suggested he increase his lesson from 30 minutes to 45!  Finn says, ''Isabella is awesome! She is very patient with me and she helps me work through problems when I have trouble with a piece. Isabella is kind and fun to work with. I love that she let’s me play lots of different types of music, like Moonlight Sonata and The Cantina Band song from Star Wars!'' Isabella is a wonderful piano teacher!!" - Cindy M., New Haven, CT 

"Piano lessons with Isabella are always informative and fun..I have never asked her a question that she did not answer with ease. She is also VERY patient!!! A very nice person I can recommend highly!!" - Dr. Ray Gambardella 

“As a teacher, Isabella enriches my piano lessons with her solid knowledge of music theory and her creative suggestions for improvisation. She sparkles with enthusiasm and encouragement. Despite her young age relative to mine, Isabella has a broad knowledge of the American jazz repertoire. We share a passion for that musical genre, but Isabella can accommodate students of all ages and levels.”  - M. Zuckerman, North Haven, CT