Hi, welcome to IMSTEAM Education! 

There is a need for STEAM education at the elementary level. IMSTEAM hopes to bridge that gap by offering group lessons and programming to families, in addition to collaborating with local schools and other organizations in assisting them to develop their STEAM programs. 

Why STEAM and not STEM? Because the ARTS are just as fundamental for a child development as science, math, engineering and technology. In fact, they are the very foundation of STEM disciplines!

We hope to educate and collaborate with families, educators in increasing the critical thinking skills of our children. 

Thank you for your support! 


Isabella Mendes 
Founder of IMSTEAM Education

our programming

Lessonface GoClasses: STEM Mondays

Lessonface GoClasses: STEM Mondays

Meet an Engineer Series

Meet an Engineer Series

STEAM Education Activities offerings

STEAM Education Activities offerings


monday april 27 at 2:00pm Est

Welcome to STEM Mondays with Isabella Mendes. 

This is a part of an initiative with Lessonface.com to help families in this time.

In these classes, we will explore a range of activities within STEM disciplines. We will learn how music and visual arts are very much a part of STEM to create STEAM. Learning through experiment and using recycled materials you may have at home and crafts supplies (i.e. pens, markers, paper, safe scissors, glue, tape, etc), we will develop your child’s creativity and problem-solving skills. Our goal is for children to learn while having fun! 

Every week a new activity!

Materials needed: cardboard tubes, and boxes, strings, straws, pencil, markers, glue, tape, scissors, empty bottles, cans milk cartons, and any other recycled materials you may have at home!

For payment and registration go to link below. Lessons are on a sliding scale.



wednesday may 13 at 1:00pm